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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How Aloha Shirts Became a Globally Well-known Brand?

Hawaiian Aloha Shirts

The symbol of artwork, history, and ethnic diversity, the Hawaiian shirts date back to the post World War II era. This was the time when they were popularly known as the Aloha shirts. If you have ever enjoyed casual dressing for Friday at work, then you should be thankful to these shirts. What started as a souvenir trend for tourists in the 1950s has now become one of the most recognizable fashion statements of all time.

Moreover, their popularity holds back to the times when U.S servicemen returned from Hawaii after the Second World War. The shirt name “Aloha” was a trademark of the then store owner from Honolulu, Ellery Chun, who coined the golden era for these attires from the 1940s to the late 50s. This was the time when its style evolved and people started inculcating the taste for bright and colourful patterns. Their actual origins are apparently a medley of influences from vibrant Japanese kimonos to shirt trends from the Philippines along with the traces of Hawaiian patterns and shades. No matter how they came into existence, but they still enjoy the attention from all the age groups.

In this way, these Hawaiian shirts have a long and storied history. Considered as the cultural symbol of Hawaii, these are well-known around the world and form the perfect attire for both locals and visitors alike. The best part about these Hawaiian shirts is that both men and women can enjoy wearing them. And, when you wear them in Hawaii, these will make you feel at home and will help you to blend with the local environment, making you comfy and stylish at the same time.

The designs on Hawaiian shirts run as deeply as the roots of its lush palm trees. It depicts the natural beauty of the islands’ flowers and foliage surrounded with scenes of surfboards and beaches. Every print on a Hawaiian shirt is a symbol of its eclectic heritage and exotic locations that very beautifully portrays the stories of this place.

It is the premier textile export of the Hawaiian cloth industry and maintains its USB of being the shirts that are differently printed with short sleeves and collars. You can have its two different designs, one with buttons on the entire length and other is the pullover style with buttons just down to the chest. The Hawaiian shirts for men and women are usually sewn with a left chest pocket in order to have a continuous printed pattern. In the case of women Hawaii shirts, it is usually a lower cut with a v-neck. Their lower hem is straight as these are not meant to be tucked in. One can wear them as a casual, informal wear.

The beauty of Aloha shirts lies in their traditional designs, storytelling prints and above all their Hawaiian craftsmen, who continued to develop their art from time to time and took it to the international levels. The world is still in love with these shirts and this affair will continue for the years to come.


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