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Friday, 8 January 2016

Tips to Identify Vintage Aloha Shirt

In the early times, the apparel industry in Hawaii grew to be one of the most unique across the globe. For tourists, these vintage aloha shirts were like a comfort liner on the beach or across the fire or palm trees. These shirts actually display the flora, fauna, customs, traditions and history of the islands in a bold and colorful style that has lived till the day. Wearing Men’s Hawaii Shirts truly give extreme pleasure. You must be able to identify a vintage Hawaiian shirt in a world full of reproductions and new issues. In order to choose the perfect vintage aloha shirt, comfort, color, style must be considered.

General features of Vintage Hawaii shirts:

•    The general features of vintage aloha shirts are easy to remember as they simply follow the general cuts of other shirts of the period.
•    Hems are a simple straight cut made in a horizontal side as the Hawaii shirt is meant to wear outside your trouser.
•    On vintage shirts, buttonholes are actually horizontal.
•    The collars of the shirt are like two-way collars. The cut is unstructured.
•    Another general feature to show a quality vintage aloha shirt is the stitching on the arm and side seams. Generally, a quality Hawaii shirt has two rows of stitching to join the seams.

Where vintage Hawaiian shirts actually manufactured???

The best Men’s Aloha Shirts and Women’s Hawaii Shirts are made in Hawaii or say made in Honolulu or some specific locations of Hawaii. There are also many numbers of quality aloha shirts which are "made in California" and "made in Japan".

Necktag and material- One of the quickest approaches to spot the real vintage Hawaiian shirt is just looking at the necktag and checking the material of the shirt. Original vintage neckags have unique look. Latest necktags seem to be stitched at the top with the tag hanging straight down. The material of the earliest shirts was silk and cotton but with time, rayon has become the material of choice for Hawaiian shirts.

Buttons- In the earlier time, vintage shirts had carved wood, coconut shell, metal or shell buttons. Later, plastic buttons are introduced. The patterns on the earliest buttons are very distinctive.

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Pockets- In order to spot the best vintage Hawaii shirt; check whether the pockets are pattern matched or not. Some companies don't bother to ensure a pocket pattern matched. A quality aloha shirt will have a perfect matched pocket. It really makes a shirt look professional and nicely designed.

Looking for the best vintage Aloha shirt is well worth the effort. Modern Hawaiian shirts are timeless and look great to either wear or display. Avanti Designs is a popular Hawaiian store to offer best quality and best-priced vintage aloha shirt. So shop online for highest quality aloha shirts!


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